Monday, November 29, 2010

Turkey and Testing

Oh man holidays. Not only do I get to see my family and have an incredibly awesome time (I still hate UNO and Monopoly, more Cranium and Pictionary please!) but I got to eat tons of food (green bean casserole and ham, I'm looking at you), and it also gave me a great chance to send an alpha build of Falling to some testers!

BIG kudos to the guys and gals who helped me with testing, I was able to not only get some performance feedback, but alot of bugs and ways to polish the game came to light. Again, thanks to all of you, you all rock!

1 comment:

David Michaels said...

No, YOU rock, Tom. :) ... Okay, yeah, we ALL rock! :)

Looking forward to more testing as soon as more is ready!

Happy Holidays man. Let's get together for a holiday one of these years. Or just to hang out anyway. :-p hehe

Peace bro.