Current Project

A young couple decide to have lunch at a historic restaurant downtown on a brisk fall day. However, when the building they're in collapses, they find themselves underground, separated from the surface and other survivors. With one of them injured, and no one to hear them, or no direct way back to the surface, the couple must rely on each other and work their way though the remains of long forgotten basements and buildings, trying to find their way to the surface. Leaves, hearts, and people all have at least two things in common, they are all fragile, and they all fall...

Play through a series of atmospheric underground settings that involve platforming, exploration, and puzzle solving. Some areas can only be entered by the uninjured character, but both of them must rely on each other to progress forward and upwards trying to make their way bay to the surface. 

The Boy: The main character, he wakes up after the building collapse to find himself and The Girl to be trapped in an underground passage. Not nearly as injured as The Girl, The Boy is able to reach areas that she cannot, and is more mobile than her.

The Girl: The Girl wakes up underground after The Boy, only to find out that she has a smashed arm and leg. While incapable of jumping as high or as far as The Boy, she can still help The Boy with difficult obstacles that require more than one person's strength.

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