These are projects I've worked on, click their title to take you to the download.

Falling Flash/Web Browser

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A quiet night in the city is ruined by the collapse of an old hotel. Of all the people caught in the building collapse, one couple finds themselves in the service tunnels beneath the hotel. With no way back up into the collapsed hotel, they decide to find another route out...

  • Explore multiple underground urban environments.
  • Solve puzzles with the help of your AI controlled partner.
  • run, swing, hang, leap, and climb your way ever closer to the surface.

OPS Full Sail Student Project

Your last test as a Secret Agent in training:
Complete a virtual reality training course ran by an AI system named BARRI. Use your agent skills to run, jump, vault, and slide your way through obstacles, and past deadly artilery turrets ranging from machine guns to painful corrosive acid cannons!
Can you make it though all the trials, or does BARRI have other plans?
  • First Person gameplay with a focus on agility, and movement.
  • 7 different Turret types, different strategies needed for each.
  • 4 progressively harder trials to pass through.
  • "Campaign Mode" with leaderboards, and separate trial ranking systems for replay.

Medieval Dominion Full Sail Student Project
Take on the roll of Baron Gawain Connor, the new Barron of the town of Gallerand as he proves his worth to the King. You must build your town's defenses to protect yourself and your citizens from roving barbarians and the armies of your King's rivals. Guide your town's populous to prevent starvation, and build Gallerand up from a humble village, to a grand city. Trials and harsh times lie ahead, can you help your town to survive in the harsh world of Medieval Dominion?
  • 4 super fast "Micro-games" for hiring workers, the better you are, the better deals you can get!
  • 11 different building types to expand your town with.
  • Use NPC feedback to figure out what you need to fix about your town.
  • Build defenses and hire soldiers to handle attacking forces for you.